Cheaper 1991 Pontiac Bonneville Car Insurance Cost

Want better insurance rates for your Pontiac Bonneville? Trying to find better insurance prices for a new or used Pontiac Bonneville can normally be an all-consuming task, but you can use our insurance buying tips to save time.

There is a better way to buy insurance and you need to know the proper way to get price quotes for your Pontiac and locate the lowest price from local insurance agents and online providers.

You should make it a habit to shop coverage around occasionally because rates are constantly changing. Just because you found the best deal on Bonneville coverage on your last policy a different company probably has better rates today. So just forget all the misinformation about insurance because I’m going to teach you how to use the internet to reduce your cost while increasing coverage.

Shopping for affordable coverage is not that difficult. If you have a current auto insurance policy or are looking for a new policy, you will benefit by learning to shop for the lowest rates while maximizing coverage. Drivers just need to know the proper way to shop their coverage around online.

Cheap Insurance Comparisons

All the larger insurance companies like State Farm and Allstate allow you to get insurance quotes online. This process is fairly straightforward as you simply type in your required coverages into a form. After you submit the form the system will obtain credit information and your driving record and generates pricing information based on many factors.

This helps simplify price comparisons, but the time required to go to many different websites and complete many quote forms is not the best way to spend an afternoon. But it’s absolutely necessary to do this in order to find better prices.

There is a better way to compare rates

A more efficient way to compare insurance pricing requires only one form that gets prices from more than one company. The form is fast, requires less work, and makes comparison shopping much more enjoyable and efficient. As soon as you send your information, it is quoted and you are able to buy any of the pricing results.

If you find a better price you can click and sign and purchase coverage. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes and could lower your rates considerably.

If you want to get comparison pricing now, simply click here to open in new window and enter your information. If you have your current policy handy, we recommend you complete the form with deductibles and limits identical to your current policy. This ensures you will receive rate quotes for the exact same coverage.

These factors can influence what you pay for Pontiac Bonneville insurance

An important part of buying insurance is that you know the factors that go into determining your insurance rates. Understanding what impacts premium levels enables informed choices that could result in better insurance rates.

  • Do you know your deductibles? – Deductibles for physical damage represent how much money you are required to spend out-of-pocket if you file a covered claim. Coverage for physical damage, termed comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy, insures against damage to your car. Some instances where coverage would apply could be colliding with a building, vandalism, and burglary. The higher the amount you are required to pay out-of-pocket, the less your company will charge you for insurance on Bonneville coverage.
  • Better crash test results mean better rates – Cars with high safety ratings are cheaper to insure. The safest vehicles have better occupant injury protection and lower injury rates translates into savings for insurance companies and lower rates for you. If your Pontiac Bonneville has ratings of a minimum four stars on you are probably receiving a discount.
  • Car features impact rates – Owning a car with a theft deterrent system can save you a little every year. Anti-theft features such as tamper alarm systems, vehicle immobilizer technology and General Motors OnStar can help prevent your car from being stolen.
  • Your age impacts your rates – Youthful drivers have a tendency to be careless and easily distracted behind the wheel so they pay higher insurance rates. If you’ve ever had to add a youthful driver to your insurance policy can be quite pricey. Older drivers are more cautious drivers, file fewer claims and receive fewer citations.
  • Extra add-on coverages are wasting money – There are many extra bells and whistles that can waste your money when buying insurance. Insurance for roadside assistance, accident forgiveness and term life insurance may be wasting your money. These coverages may sound good when talking to your agent, but if they’re wasting money eliminate the coverages to reduce your premium.

Save big with these discounts

The cost of insuring your cars can be expensive, but there are discounts available that you may not know about. A few discounts will automatically apply when you purchase, but a few must be requested specifically before they will apply. If you aren’t receiving every discount you qualify for, you are paying more than you should be.

  • Passive Restraints – Cars that have air bags and/or automatic seat belt systems can qualify for discounts up to 30%.
  • Homeowners Pay Less – Simply owning a home may earn you a small savings because owning a home is proof that your finances are in order.
  • Theft Prevention Discount – Cars that have factory anti-theft systems prevent vehicle theft and qualify for as much as a 10% discount.
  • Safe Driver Discount – Insureds without accidents can get discounts for up to 45% lower rates on Bonneville coverage than drivers with accident claims.
  • Federal Employees – Simply working for the federal government can earn a discount up to 10% on Bonneville coverage depending on your company.
  • Low Mileage – Fewer annual miles on your Pontiac could qualify for lower rates on the low mileage vehicles.
  • Save over 55 – Older drivers may qualify for reduced rates on Bonneville coverage.

A little note about advertised discounts, most credits do not apply to your bottom line cost. Most only reduce individual premiums such as physical damage coverage or medical payments. So even though it sounds like you could get a free insurance coverage policy, companies wouldn’t make money that way. Any qualifying discounts will reduce your overall premium however.

To see a list of providers with the best insurance coverage discounts, click here.

But I don’t know anything about car insurance

When choosing adequate coverage for your personal vehicles, there really is not a perfect coverage plan. Each situation is unique.

For example, these questions could help you determine if you could use an agent’s help.

  • Is my cargo covered for damage or theft?
  • Do I need replacement cost coverage?
  • Do I need higher collision deductibles?
  • How many claims can I have before being cancelled?
  • Who is covered by my policy?
  • How much liability coverage do I need in my state?
  • What can I do if my company denied a claim?
  • How do I buy GAP insurance?
  • Is my teen driver covered when they drive my company car?
  • Should I sign the liability waiver when renting a car?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you may need to chat with an insurance agent. If you want to speak to an agent in your area, complete this form. It is quick, free and can help protect your family.

Information about specific coverages

Knowing the specifics of auto insurance aids in choosing the best coverages at the best deductibles and correct limits. Policy terminology can be impossible to understand and even agents have difficulty translating policy wording.

Collision coverage protection

Collision insurance pays to fix your vehicle from damage resulting from a collision with a stationary object or other vehicle. You will need to pay your deductible then the remaining damage will be paid by your insurance company.

Collision insurance covers claims like crashing into a ditch, colliding with a tree, sideswiping another vehicle and scraping a guard rail. Paying for collision coverage can be pricey, so analyze the benefit of dropping coverage from older vehicles. You can also bump up the deductible in order to get cheaper collision rates.

Comprehensive protection

This coverage pays to fix your vehicle from damage OTHER than collision with another vehicle or object. You first have to pay a deductible and the remainder of the damage will be paid by comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive coverage protects against things such as a tree branch falling on your vehicle, hail damage, falling objects and damage from a tornado or hurricane. The maximum amount your auto insurance company will pay is the market value of your vehicle, so if your deductible is as high as the vehicle’s value it’s not worth carrying full coverage.

Uninsured or underinsured coverage

This coverage protects you and your vehicle’s occupants when other motorists are uninsured or don’t have enough coverage. This coverage pays for hospital bills for your injuries and damage to your 1991 Pontiac Bonneville.

Because many people only carry the minimum required liability limits, their liability coverage can quickly be exhausted. This is the reason having UM/UIM coverage is a good idea. Normally the UM/UIM limits are similar to your liability insurance amounts.


This provides protection from damage or injury you incur to other’s property or people that is your fault. It protects YOU from legal claims by others. It does not cover your injuries or vehicle damage.

Coverage consists of three different limits, bodily injury for each person, bodily injury for the entire accident, and a limit for property damage. Your policy might show liability limits of 25/50/25 that means you have $25,000 bodily injury coverage, a limit of $50,000 in injury protection per accident, and a total limit of $25,000 for damage to vehicles and property. Some companies may use a combined single limit or CSL that pays claims from the same limit without having the split limit caps.

Liability coverage pays for claims like court costs, medical expenses and medical services. How much liability coverage do you need? That is your choice, but you should buy as much as you can afford.

Medical expense coverage

Coverage for medical payments and/or PIP pay for short-term medical expenses like nursing services, doctor visits, hospital visits and EMT expenses. They are often utilized in addition to your health insurance plan or if you are not covered by health insurance. They cover both the driver and occupants and also covers getting struck while a pedestrian. Personal Injury Protection is not available in all states and gives slightly broader coverage than med pay

Stretch your dollar

As you go through the steps to switch your coverage, never reduce needed coverages to save money. There are too many instances where someone dropped liability coverage limits to discover at claim time that saving that couple of dollars actually costed them tens of thousands. The aim is to purchase plenty of coverage for the lowest price, not the least amount of coverage.

In this article, we covered a lot of techniques to shop for 1991 Pontiac Bonneville insurance online. The key thing to remember is the more rate quotes you have, the higher the chance of saving money. Consumers could even find that the best prices are with some of the lesser-known companies.

Consumers switch companies for many reasons like being labeled a high risk driver, poor customer service, policy cancellation or even delays in responding to claim requests. It doesn’t matter why you want to switch finding the right insurance provider is less work than it seems.

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